1.19 Update

The server has updated to version 1.19!

After a couple of years of difficult work and many tests, we finally feel ready to update 2b2t to 1.19 and later versions.

While our tests have managed hundreds of players on the original world without any issues, expect the first week of the server update to be possibly bumpy.

There's many other changes happening to the server beyond the version change of 1.12 to 1.19. Please read them below.

Soft item economy reset
Certain items have been removed or have had their stack size reduced to one, with the intent of players working to obtain these again.
Over the server's decade existence, various duplication exploits have caused significant damage to the server particularly with the addition of shulkers.
These duplicated items were responsible for majority of the server's past problems, and to soften their future impact upon 1.19 and later, they have been reduced or removed.
The full list of items will not be revealed here, though it is not long. A few of them are,

  • End Crystals removed
  • Bottle o' Enchanting reduced
  • Enchanted Golden Apple reduced
  • Totem of Undying removed

Clarification update: These items are not removed from the server. Only existing items updating from 1.12 are removed or reduced. There are still several millions of these items after reduction in the server, and it is expected that they will return into circulation between players fairly quick.

Bad items
All items with illegitimate values for durability, enchants or stack sizes have been removed.

Old chunks trimming
Over the server's 12 years minecraft version history, there has been a major amount of exploits and movement cheats which caused its large size of 23 terabytes.
A significant amount estimated more than half of these chunks in all these 23 terabytes, are chunks that have been generated for less than a few seconds and not interacted with.
These have no history to them, and have not even been seen by players, and steal a lot from possible new 1.19 terrain generation. We have decided to cull these types of chunks, and instead new 1.19 terrain will generate in their place.
With this change, a lot of new terrain can generate closer and closer towards spawn, and with the new terrain blending mechanic this can create some pretty interesting terrain for players to find.

Clarification update: The server attempts to only trim chunks in which there is no possibility of having been modified by a player or realistically interacted with for a long enough time. For example, a past cheat exploit may have allowed a player to fly at any speed with their elytra (or a boat), which would cause all chunks in their render distance to generate, and afterwards never be loaded or seen by a player at all with no time being spent loaded. These are the kind of chunks that are culled to generate as 1.19 instead. There are several exemptions also to avoid culling chunks that any player may have interacted with, regardless of their time spent loaded.

Maps will now generate with a random and hidden ID. Players will see a random ID on the map item.

Render distance
Render distance for each player has been greatly increased.

World generation
The server now has a modified vanilla terrain generator to hide the seed and prevent players from generating their own copy of the world.

The anticheat has been updated, and it is planned to keep the anticheat more strict and updated more frequently, particularly for preventing movement cheats.
Note: The server has always had an anticheat, it has simply been updated. The server has always tried to prevent cheating where possible.

Animal spawning
Animals have not been correctly spawning in around the spawn area for over a decade, this was caused by the multiple biome changes throughout the game, resulting in animals not spawning at all where they really should.
They should now correctly spawn where intended, and there are more of them around the spawn area.

Monster spawning
Compared to 1.12, there are many more monsters closer to the vanilla amount limits.
Additionally monster spawning has been changed to attempt to spawn more monsters closer to the player, avoiding spawning monsters too far where they may not activate.

Phantoms and the phantom mechanic has been disabled entirely.

Player obfuscation
It is no longer possible through cheats, to see another player's item enchantments or durability, or the player's health.

Duplication prevention
There is now a system in place to prevent duplication of items.
Note: Duplication exploits have always been patched by the server, and there have been minimal to no exploits for the past few years previously on 1.12. This is simply an enhancement added to further prevent these and to patch them faster. Duplication is unavoidable in Minecraft and inevitable to occur. Duplicating is still allowed while possible.

End dimension
The end dimension dragon fight has been reset. Old gateways were broken due to bedrock breaking exploits, players may now fight the dragon to spawn new gateways.

Experimental changes active indefinitely that may revert later
To slow down and reduce particularly newer ores being gathered too fast with cheats.

Health and hunger
The hunger system has been slowed down quite a bit. Regeneration will linger for longer below normal hunger filled.

Death messages
Death messages in chat will only display for yourself and other players that die within your render distance.

Lastly, we've managed to put all related servers back into the US East location, which should result in a much improved ping overall for most players.